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For an appointment for a digital mammogram, ultrasound or a breast MRI, please call: 1-800-476-0577 or contact us now.

About Us

At BBDC we know that obtaining the most detailed images through our advanced technology is just part of the equation. When it comes to early detection, a center must have the expert staff to be able to interpret the images. BBDC is proud to be led by Medical Director, Dr. Elsie Levin. Dr. Levin is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on breast imaging. She has read more than 20,000 breast MRI studies alone and her experience is unparalleled.

In addition to our outstanding medical director, the center is staffed by board-certified radiologists and licensed radiologic technologists, all of whom possess advanced training in breast specific imaging.

Our Expert Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Dorothy Romano, Office Coordinator
  • Kristi Wigmore, Patient Services/Insurance Specialist
  • Jeanne Merner, Patient Services/Scheduler
  • Eileen McGoldrick, Patient Services/Scheduler

Radiologic Technologists

  • Catherine Magurn, BSRS, RT(R)(M)(MR)
  • Dawn Chisholm, RT(R)(M)
  • Patricia McGee, RT(R)(M)
  • Dawn Pandolf, RT(R)(M)
  • Julia Murray, RT(R)(M)

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